Becoming Human

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Have been reading so much to do with productivity and social media recently, I decided it was time to delve into something a bit more “religious” – a bit more philosophical.

I too – like everyone – am on a journey. One of the ideals we worked on as a generation of Schoenstatt Fathers was the call of “Vita surges cum Christo”. It contemplated the fact that Jesus became life – so that we might have life. The formulation delved into the longing we have to be “completely” human.

This really is a journey which is explored in this book.

The last chapter is entitled “Forgiveness” the culmination of the Journey that Jean Vanier (founder of L’Arche community) takes us on through the book. Knowing self and knowing the other – accepting and accepting – allowing ourselves and others to be whole.

He asks if this is Utopian – the answer is yes and no. It is never completely attained – but we can near this reality. We can do this as we journey through the following steps – these steps as other processes in the book – moving from the inside to out – from self to other….

Perhaps the last step is the hardest and needs to precede the others.

  • Refusal to seek revenge
  • The second step is the genuine, heartfelt hope that the oppressor be liberated.
  • The third step is the desire to understand the oppressors.
  • The fourth step is the recognition of our own darkness.
  • The fifth step is patience.

There is so much more to this book – how Jean Vanier comes to so many conclusions through experience with those of his community who are “different” than others. Its worth a look at this community…..